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23 Maggio 2017

TUTTOFOOD Milan: Caseificio Giordano speaks an international language

TUTTOFOOD has been a success of business meetings, relationships and quality contents. It has consolidated the record results of the EXPO edition in Milan. The international guest has been Barack Obama, for years in front line with his wife Michelle to fight for the correct and healthy nutrition. But the excellent guest of TUTTOFOOD Milan was, of course, quality foods.

The innovative Caseificio Giordano's stand has made its products available to visitors, also to be enjoyed on the pizzas prepared at the moment, with the Molino Colombo flours. Mozzarella, scamorza, ricotta and buffalo milk mozzarella has been the inspirational muse in the four days of the event.

A marathon dedicated to the excellence of food & beverage, with numbers that no longer leave any doubt: 80,146 professional visitors, 23% of total foreigners from 141 countries. Caseificio Giordano's then brings home a wealth of experience and satisfaction.