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19 May 2016

PLMA trade fair

The PLMA trade fair in Amsterdam has reached the 30th edition and is specialized in product with the seller’s brand, including large-scale retail chain, HoReCa chain and big sellers.

PLMA trade fair is the perfect meeting point for all the food and not-food sellers, for big and small sellers with specialistic and innovative products.

The visitors come from more than 100 countries all over the wold and the exhibitors are more than 4000.

The italian’s company partecipation is always demanded and important, especially in food sector. 

In this fair Caseificio Giordano partecipation, that has always combined tradition and innovation, refer to inner and external factors:

- Interest in fresh, made in Italy products as Giordano offer

- Giordano’s will crossing national borders

- New and more powered production capability

- Special occasion to introduce the “Controlled buffalo supply chain” to control buffalo’s milk in North Italy.

- Experience in the relationship with audits.

We aim to offer our products to premium price players, delivering them the quality guaranteed by the ccertificates Giordano has been awarded (IFS, BRC).

Caseificio Giordano’s stand is inside food sector, in dairy products sector with a 9 mq area, presented with Giordano’s material. 

The caseificio Giordano’s products will be: fior di latte mozzarella, buffalo’s mollarella, scamorza and smoked scamorza.


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