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The area

The area has always been an important “ingredient" in Giordano’s products. In fact the dairy is located in Oleggio – a municipality in the Ticino Valley National Park, the largest river park in Europe and a protected area for the conservation of flora, fauna and the environment in general.

The area is located at the foot of the Alps and Prealps and is characterised by abundant water sources fed by springs which supply irrigation ditches and channels.

These are the key prerequisites to having the abundant and permanently available feeding crops so important to the dairy cow farms, and, from the late 1990s, the accompanying buffalo farms.

In this area, the Giordano family has produced quality fresh cheeses, particularly mozzarella, for two generations.

The high-quality milk produced in the Lombardy and Piedmont Po Valley has given this process, once a tradition of southern Italy where Giordano originates, its ideal added value.

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