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About us

Caseificio Giordano is a genuine Piedmont dairy which has succeeded in uniting a fresh and innovative enterpreneurial spirit with the traditional Campania origins to gain new market sectors.


The company currently produces mozzarella fior di latte, buffalo mozzarella and other traditional "pasta filata" stretched-curd cheeses, using fresh Italian milk sourced from selected farms located in the western area of the Po Valley between Piedmont and Lombardy.

The valley covers a total area of over 10,000 m² and is located in the protected area of the Ticino Valley National Park.

Using advanced technology and modern control systems certified by the IFS and BRC, Caseificio Giordano has become an important reference thanks to the quality, food safety and authenticity of its products.

Through a direct network and the support of a consolidated network of distributors, it is the recognised leader for thousands of Pizzeria and HoReCa professionals.

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